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ALTBAR: A Non-Alcoholic Experience

An alcohol-free alternative for people in Rochester, NY who don’t want to make alcohol the center of their social experience. If you're sober, sober-curious, pregnant, an athlete, focusing on your wellbeing or mental health, an ally, or simply don't want the hangover -- all are welcome here. 

We have been building a community in Rochester through our non-alcoholic bottle shop and pop-up events where we offer zero-proof cocktails and other non-alcoholic beverages and a place to connect with others. We are currently working on opening a brick & mortar location, coming summer 2024! Our location will be 1947 East Main in the North Winton Village area of the city of Rochester.

Our Story
Image by Aleisha Kalina

Creating an Enjoyable
Alcohol-Free Experience

Hi. We're Bob and Meg Hartman.

We have always appreciated a good drink; from wine tours to brewery visits to carefully crafted cocktails. However, when Meg was pregnant, she realized the mocktail options at most restaurants were lacking. When Bob quit drinking in 2019, we realized we needed to find date night spots that provided good non-alcoholic options.

While a few Rochester restaurants offered a limited selection of zero-proof cocktails or NA bottled beer, we wanted a place to go after dinner where the focus wasn't on alcohol but still had the experience of a good drink, comfortable environment and camaraderie of others.

With that need in mind, AltBar was born! We aim to provide an alcohol-free alternative that allows people to gather, feel safe, create connections with others, and be themselves. We hope you'll join us in creating a mindful, enjoyable experience for all.



You can be someone who drinks alcohol and want an evening where it's not served. You can create memories and be fully present. You can enjoy the complexity of an interesting drink without the regret the next day. You can celebrate a special occasion while being kind to yourself. 



Have questions about a non-alcoholic option in Rochester, NY? Want to partner with us? Or maybe you just want to chat. We're up for all of it. Send us an email or follow us on Instagram!

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